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Ministry of Finance
and Economic Affairs

Directorate of Developing Planning

Ibrahima MBS Kinteh

Director of Development Planning

Our mission is to promote sustainable socio-economic development and the welfare of Gambians through the development and implementation of policies that support macroeconomic stability and effective public financial management.

Promote sustainable economic growth, equity, social harmony, and balanced development through effective coordination of the formulation and implementation of National Development Plans.

To promote sustainable economic growth and balanced development through effective national development planning


  • Establishment of a Planning Cadre and Planning Units in various Ministries
  • Development of a draft National Development Planning Policy (Awaiting Validation and Cabinet Approval)
  • First ever district level consultations in the formulation of the NDP (2018-2021)
  • PAGE Mid-Term Evaluation Report
  • MDG Terminal Report
  • NDP 2018-2021 (Validated but pending launching)