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Directorate of Loans and Debt Management

Bakary Krubally

Director of Loans and Debt Management

The Directorate of Debt Management (DLDM) is the main unit in the Ministry of Finance (MoF) responsible for debt management. It deals with all aspects of public debt management (both domestic and external) including designing a national public debt strategy, conducting debt sustainability analyses, participation in loan negotiations, approving disbursements, effecting payments of government public debt, maintaining a comprehensive, loan-by-loan database on government and government-guaranteed external debt and on external grants to the government in CS-DRMS, coordinating with the Central Bank of The Gambia regarding the issuance of domestic debt instruments for fiscal purposes. DLDM analyzes proposed guarantees and on-lending terms, participate in the issuance of guarantees and the on-lending loan agreements and monitor the government guaranteed and on-lent loans.

This Directorate is the Government's main channel of communication with the external creditors and donors with responsibility for interacting with the IMF and World Bank on debt sustainability analyses (DSAs) and debt strategy formulation and implementation.

DLDM serves as the Secretariat to the Aid and Debt Management Coordinating Committee (ADMCC) and coordinates all interaction of the different agencies with respect to debt strategy formulation and implementation.

  1. Making sure that Government financing needs are met at the lowest possible cost,
  2. Consistent with a prudent degree of risk.
  3. Domestic Market Development

Medium Term Debt Management Strategy

  1. MTDS Review on an annual basis
  2. Annual public debt bulletin
  3. Successful introduction of the 3 year Government bond