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Ministry of Finance
and Economic Affairs

Aid Coordination Unit

To promote sustainable socio-economic development and the welfare of Gambians through the development and implementation of policies that support macroeconomic stability and effective public financial management.

  • Coordinate Project/Programmes of multilateral agencies, monitoring on quarterly basis and prepare reports for the Hon. Minister of Finance, donors and project managers in a timely manner
  • Conduct project manager's forums for assessment of progress and challenges affecting the smooth implementation of such projects
  • Spearhead the implementation of the Aid Policy and the effective implementation of its Action Plans
  • Coordinate the Aid Management Platform (AMP), its implementation and periodic assessment of the indicators
  • Conduct Aid Management Task Force Meetings and continue training of members on the use of the AMP
  • Development of annual aid bulletin report and its timely finalization
  • Take part in project steering committee meetings and monitor the progress of project implementation
  • Coordinate missions visits such as WB, AfDB, BADEA, IsDB and rest of the multilaterals agencies
  • Lead the resource mobilization process for National Development Plan and the rapid respond plan of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs
  • Conduct Paris Declaration surveys on a bi-annually basis
  • Conduct country monitoring of projects/programmes and provide report on a timely manner
  • Conduct Country Portfolio Performance Review (CPPR) for donor funded projects such as the WB, IDB, ADB e.t.c
    • Support the effective coordination of Aid inflows/outflows as well as delivering sound policy advice on compliance and performances to senior management on bilateral and multilateral donor funded projects.
  • Coordinated several Donor missions in 2017.
  • Coordinated two Country Portfolio Performance Review and Project Manager's forums.
  • Project implementation monitoring.
  • Training of Aid Coordination Task Force, AMP Team and Project Managers on Aid Management Data Base.
  • Consultancy on Donor mapping in The Gambia
  • Consultancy on the Annual Progress Report for the Aid Policy and Donor Consultation Retreat.
  • Production, Validation and Printing of the Annual Aid Bulletin
  • Spearhead the resource mobilization mission
  • Production and Publication of Project briefs
  • Coordinate donor mission, that culminated in the design and appraisal of the RWSSIP
  • Coordinated the design and appraisal of the small Ruminants project (Agriculture)
  • Recently coordinated mission on the approval of $45 million for NAWEC and GNPC
  • Coordinated mission for discussions with NFSP&MC Management in preparation for the financing of the Gambia Trade Season
  • Aid Coordination Policy
  • Aid Action Plan
  • Aid Bulletin
  • Donor mapping in The Gambia
  • Production of project implementation briefs

Ebrima L.S. Darboe

Director of Aid Coordination