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Ministry of Finance
and Economic Affairs

Directorate of Budget

Mustapha Samateh

Director of Budget

To promote better service delivery through effective and efficient public finance management, through greater transparency, accountability and fiscal discipline.

  • Consolidation and presentation of the Annual Budget estimates and supplementary budget estimates to Cabinet and the National Assembly for approval.
  • Provide guidance on sector budget preparation, implementation and monitoring of budgets.
  • Allocate the Budget financial resources efficiently, effectively and rationally to Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) in accordance to the Financial Regulations (2016) and Public Finance Act (2014).
  • Coordinate the formulation and preparation of the national medium-term and annual Budget.
  • Advising the Minister on matters of the entire budget process from preparation to execution and fiscal policy issues.
  • Lead the development and implementation of designated Budget and financial management reforms
  • As the command center of Government's day-to-day financial operations, the objective of the Directorate of Budget is to foster strong economic development through effective management of public finances.
  • This is facilitated through the preparation of the budget estimates, effective and efficient management and monitoring of resource allocation, utilization combined with the formulation of constructive and effective fiscal policy.
  • The core mandate of the unit is to effectively and efficiently manage the national budget of the Government of The Gambia.
  • Introduction of the Medium Term Expenditure Framework (2015)
  • Piloting of Programme Based Budgeting (PBB) to 8 ministries in 2015 and 2016 then rolled out to all MDAs as at 2017
  • Production and publication of monthly budget performance reports.
  • Public Finance Act (2014)- An act to provide for the control of public monies, the power and duties of the legislative and executive in the preparation, presentation, approval, execution and reporting of Government budget.
  • Financial Regulations (2016)- in exercise of the powers conferred on the Minister by section 75 of the Public Finance Act, 2014.
  • Budget Framework Paper (2018-2020)- acting as a policy instrument for the national budget, setting out how Government intends to achieve its policy objectives over the medium term through the budget.