Government Priorities

The vision and overall goal of the National Development Plan will be realized through eight strategic priorities, namely:

  • Restoring good governance, respect for human rights, the rule of law, empowering citizens through decentralization and local governance;
  • Stabilizing our economy, stimulating growth, and transforming the economy;
  • Modernizing our agriculture and fisheries for sustained economic growth, food and nutritional security and poverty reduction;
  • Investing in our people through improved education and health services, and building a caring society;
  • Building our infrastructure and restoring energy services to power our economy;
  • Promoting an inclusive and culture-centred tourism for sustainable growth;
  • Reaping the demographic dividend through an empowered youth; and
  • Making the private sector the engine of growth, transformation, and job creation.

Seven crosscutting critical enablers will complement the eight strategic priorities of the plan, namely:

  1. A public sector that is efficient and responsive to the citizenry;
  2. Empowering the Gambian Woman to realize her full potential;
  3. Enhancing the role of the Gambian Diaspora in national development;
  4. Promoting environmental sustainability, climate resilient communities and appropriate land use;
  5.  Making The Gambia a Digital Nation and creating a modern information society;  
  6. A civil society that is engaged and is a valued partner in national development and
  7. Strengthening evidence-based policy, planning and decision-making. Through these strategic priorities and critical enablers, the NDP both domesticates and serves as an instrument for realizing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the first ten year implementation plan of the African Agenda 2063.